SmartWorkAR® is a proprietary software platform aimed at easily creating, consuming, and sharing Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality Smart Guides for mobile devices and smart glasses. SmartWorkAR® is a cloud-based, low-code platform used to develop AR and AI based, situation awareness, diagnostics, and solution guides for mobile/smart-glasses.

The platform can enhance the capabilities of the field worker by deploying on-demand AR and AI process guides, enforcing compliance and governance monitoring, digitalizing any company know-how with no programming required while capturing field events via multimedia.


VReadyNow commercializes, designs, develops, and delivers Virtual and Augmented Reality contents and technologies focused on Education, either for elementary, secondary or university levels.

XR technology is today still a new teaching tool, so we work with teachers and pedagogues to insert it, in any curricula, in a non-intrusive, easy to adopt and efficient way. As the exclusive representatives of zSpace® in LATAM, we specialize in adapting and generating specific contents for LATAM countries curricula.


Get immediate live video remote assistance and boost remote collaboration with live video on mobile devices and smart glasses to empower front-line workers and technicians. Remote Eye® is a software solution based on smart glasses, smartphones, tablets, and PCs

to share information between on-site operators and support departments. It effectively assists users in executing difficult tasks and operation maintenance, having real-time data at hand, while keeping a close look at the remote situation.