Natural Gas Compression Plant

Customer: TGN Argentina Goal: Use XR technologies to train and certify all workers related to plant operation and maintenance at one of the largest Nat Gas compression plants in South America in a safe, secure, and non-disruptive service delivery environment.

ROI: In the first year of implementation, the reduction in operational errors and plant-stops averted paid for the project itself, with every following year providing cumulative benefits.


Customer: Energy Solutions - USA Goal: This customer, a large engineering company focused on nuclear central dismantling, needed a Digital Twin of a soon-to-be decommissioned nuclear plant to analyze, plan, test procedures, and train their personal in a safe, low risk, collaborative environment. This DT was created from detailed 3D scans and subsequent Revit models. Multiple radiation readings from the site itself were later added, allowing the model, through different area colors, to easily display areas of higher contamination.

Thus, Energy Solutions’ team could plan not only the procedures and tool allocation for this virtual scenario, but also monitor the maximum time their technicians should be exposed to radiation at different locations. ROI: This planning process, utilizing a Digital Twin, saved thousands of hours of measurements and testing in situ, reducing any unnecessary radiation exposure, while allowing their customer and related regulatory agencies to visualize, discuss, and approve any procedures in detail with minimum risk.

University Virtual Campus

Customer: Anahuac University – Merida Campus - Mexico Goal: During the pandemic, this customer needed to keep current and future students, as well as their parents, engaged with the campus itself by delivering the first University Metaverse in Latin America. The online campus was constructed utilizing accurate 3D models of all 12 campus buildings. Auditorium, library, offices, and classrooms were replicated and made available for online access 24/7.

This Metaverse was accessible anytime via Web, Mac, PC and mobile devices for a frictionless experience and students were able to freely interact among themselves and faculty via fully customizable avatars. ROI: Anahuac University provided a unique experience during the pandemic to its audience while becoming a leader in the use of XR technologies in Latin America.

Dam Emergency Simulation

Customer: The World Bank - USA Goal: To deploy a portable experience aimed at training Dam Operators during Emergencies situations around the world. The app must be XR enabled, creating an immersive environment identical to real locations. Multiplatform availability (PC, Mac, Mobile, Web and Quest 2 VR) was required.

ROI: The World Bank successfully deployed the initial version in English and its warm reception by multiple non-English speaking countries triggered the development of additional versions in several languages (Russian, Spanish, and French) just a few months after the initial release.

Nat Gas Storage Plant

Customer: TGS (Transportadora de Gas del Sur) GOAL: To develop a self-guided VR app in order to display the newly constructed facilities for NatGas storage around Vaca Muerte, Argentina. The 3d scene was developed based on the real geography of the site and

faithfully displays the complexity of the built assets (pipelines, tanks, valves, etc.) in a user-friendly way. ROI: The app was intensively used at several Oil& Gas fairs, Expos, and marketing events to showcase TGS technical capabilities and commitment to the Vaca Muerta project.

Nat Gas Distribution Plant

Customer: TGN (Transportadora de Gas del Norte) Goal: TGN needed to show the local federal government the deep level of investment in infrastructure done by his company. Because most of the assets built are underground, building a Digital Twin seemed to be the optimal solution. Transparency levels allowed to display underground assets of this faithful reproduction of the plant, based on existing ACAD plans and complemented by ad-hoc 3d scans.

ROI: Following its implementation, not only was the federal government able to inspect the investment done, but TGN’s top management also found this Digital Twin approach to be a unique tool to improve operations across the whole network, ultimately deciding to add a DT strategy to their corporate wide plans.