Virtual Reality Simulators for Industrial Training

VReadyNow design and develop simulators in Virtual Reality for Professional training for different industries.

What is Virtual Reality Training and what are its benefits?

Virtual Reality training is a digital simulation of real scenarios through the use of specialized hardware and software.

Our VRLab® product provides the necessary framework to develop all types of industrial simulators, allowing the generation of applications:

  • 100% configurable, with dedicated interface for instructor

  • Integrated to Physical / Mathematical simulation engines

  • Platform Independence (Cross platform VR/AR)

  • BPM 2.0 based State Machine

  • Redux implementation for Unit3D

  • Session Data: ML & Statistics ready

  • 3D heat maps and gradient fields

  • Multi user environment

  • Device independent

  • Facilitate learning and optimize work processes
  • Risk Management: Learning in a more secure way and allowing users to experience multiple cases.
  • Eliminates limitations: Learn without visiting a remote installation, know the materials and tools without visiting tool deposits, etc.
  • More attractive and efficient: Usually those who are trained knows the theory by reading documents, and often the information is scattered and not directly related with the topic. With the assistance of Virtual Reality, training is more efficient by offering a real and attractive user experience.

What kind of training can we do using VRLab®?

Virtual reality has multiple applications to work processes such as:

  • Routine procedures
  • Maintenance of all types of machinery
  • Security and emergency procedures
  • Training / On-boarding of new employees

  • High risk procedures
  • Activities of manual precision including detailed equipment guidelines
  • … and practically any learning program that we can think of.

Finally, create different profiles and training modules and use them throughout your company, in different locations and lock the consistency of the training process.

Track the results of the training once completed. Discover your areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

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