SmartWorkAR: Industrial support in the digital era

The digital transformation of industrial processes is a path that has been underway for some time at different speeds. The future of work is undoubtedly digital, but uncertain. It also presupposes a technological and procedural implementation that generates a significant improvement in companie’s business processes.

Trends and pain points, such as tight labor markets and rising costs, are some of the points driving companie’s technology decisions today. These factors make digital transformation essential for organizations to grow and differentiate themselves.

One of the aspects where companies have the greatest opportunity for improvement is in the management of knowledge and skills of field technicians, operators and engineers, for whom access to the necessary information at the right time to perform their activity correctly is of differential value.

Additionally, companies are identified with one or more of the following challenges:

  • Generational turnover and/or rotation of resources, generating a gap in the knowledge required for the tasks.
  • Creation of new jobs that require increasingly specialized skills.
  • Difficulty in measuring the knowledge transfer process, due to the gap between traditional theoretical/practical training and the real challenges presented in the field.
  • Upgrading of employee skills has not kept pace with the digitalization of the industry.
  • Deviations in compliance with process standards, since, without proper controls, each person tries to execute to the best of his or her knowledge.
  • Errors or slow resolution due to lack of adequate information, little digital access, with the exception, at best, of data collection.

Faced with the above challenges, OnDemand knowledge and an Industrial Augmented Reality platform can help reverse the current situation, where only 35% of companies believe they are equipping their workers with the best technological tools for the job.



OnDemand Knowledge is the ability to put the necessary expertise in front of an employee at the right time while he/she is performing his/her task.

This, in addition to requiring a technological effort, involves digitizing the processes/tasks to be executed, taking the knowledge of the experts and turning it into a digital asset that can be put in the hands of all employees.

At the same time that the process is digitized, it is necessary to identify the necessary and valuable information that needs to be put in front of the employees, considering different digital formats.


Here, Augmented Reality is a distinctive technology that, by placing virtual elements on real-world environments, provides a unique learning, guidance or assistance experience, being able to visualize equipment components in 3D format or access diagnostic information.

One of the most important points of this whole process is the taking of evidence, which, while ensuring that the task was performed according to the process (compliance), records the available information to integrate it with the company’s backoffice systems (e.g. Maintenance Systems, Work Orders, etc.).

In VReadyNow we developed SmartWorkAR®, a solution for Maintenance, Operations and Field Services with integration to corporate systems, allowing the implementation of enhanced digital guides and step-by-step procedures (that do not require programming), such as:

  • Workflows by asset and task.
  • Work orders, resources and bill of materials.
  • Asset identification, location, warranty and maintenance history.
  • Inspection, audit or maintenance and repair notices.

Enables, in turn, access to relevant information at each step such as, for example:

  • Diagrams, Blueprints and Plans, Videos, Images and PDFs or Animated 3D Models.
  • Augmented Reality Guides.
  • Real-time data monitoring via Bluetooth and WiFi (IoT).





SmartWorkAR® is based on cloud services and is available for Smart Glasses and Industrial Tablets under Android®.
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