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Proximity Modelling with Oasys MassMotion

Oasys MassMotion has added functionality that will help users respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

MassMotion is now updated with a set of behaviours and analyses to model proximity between pedestrians; how they might interact and for how long; and the capacity of a given space while maintaining a set physical distance, such as two metres.

These new proximity analysis tools give the insights to understand scenarios for operating sites or structures in a ‘new normal’ situation as lockdown requirements are relaxed.

An essential part of the toolbox for architects, urban planners, property owners or facilities managers for now and into the long term future.

Functionality includes:

  • A new proximity analysis tool that allows users to assess a MassMotion model and report on all agents that move within a set distance (e.g. allows analysis of all agents within 2m of each other).

  • New analyses to measure and map the durations and interactions of people within a set distance

Additionally, as part of a major development effort to further enhance the software and to take advantage of cutting edge technologies and research, we are accelerating the release of enhanced behavioural models that will enable users to test physical distancing scenarios in spaces.

Oasys MassMotion is the world’s most flexible crowd simulation software that allows users to test scenarios for building design, population levels, and operations: putting people at the heart of the design process.

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