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Professional Training

Virtual and Augmented Reality are the ultimate training resources enabling new ways of learning applications, both for Professional and Military usage.


VReadyNow integrates processes, hardware and software tools to design, develop and deliver industry specific training programs and customized VR/AR guides.


Our solutions aim at assisting professional training, including industrial and some specific military-based applications.

What type of training can we deliver?


Virtual and/or Augmented Reality have multiple training applications on work related processes including maintenance, electronic process control, precision manual tasks, detailed description of equipment, job specific tools and nearly any training programs that we may think of.

Independent, faster and more efficient learning.

Ensures consistent execution of tasks and processes.

Seeks maximum precision in developing maintenance activities.

A single tutorial app allows becoming familiar with and understanding multiple equipment.

What capabilities are provided?


We can develop any application aimed to:

Visualize online animated 3D documentation.

Overlay visual guiding images and/or animations over any machinery.

Equipment, machinery or tools procedure simulation.

Remote assisted guidance and tools.

Medical applications for professional training and patient recovery.

What about VR/AR technology for Military applications?


We can create not only realistic virtual environments and scenarios but, by modifying for the VR world the original weaponry and equipment used by the Armed Forces, we also provide the right user interface for a complete immersive simulation.


The virtual operation theater is not only safer and more cost-effective than traditional training, but it also allows the creation of scenarios with diverse complexity, at endless locations,under any climate and condition and using the same equipment a soldier would use on the battlefield. And all the drills are recorded so that they may be reviewed, analyzed and modified as necessary.


What technologies do we offer?

We are experienced developers for:

Microsoft HoloLens

iOS, Android and UWP

Epson Moverio Smart glasses


Oculus & HTC Vive HMD systems

Vicon Motion Capture Systems

Unity, Unreal, Stingray Sim Engines

middleVR collaborative VR tools

Haptic feedback tools

Vuforia AR tools

3D Professional tools:

Autodesk: Inventor, VRED, Fusion, Revit, Autocad, 3DS Max, Maya

Dassault: Catia, Solidworks

VReadyNow can provide apps development services, installation, technical support, ad-hoc training and will assist the Armed Forces in assessing and acquiring any related technology necessary to create a customized VR/AR solution.

“Virtual military training closes the gap between instructor led training and live training”

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