VReadyNow – Expo Bariloche 2027 Metaverse

VReadyNow presented the Metaverse for Expo 2027 – Bariloche to the International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE).
The city participates as a candidate to be the first official venue in Latin America and had three days of hard work at the Llao Llao hotel, where national, provincial and local representatives defended the candidacy. 

The BIE is an international organization in charge of supervising and regulating world expositions that bring together governments, the private sector, civil society and the general public.

These exhibitions bring together around 150 countries from all over the world and meet to share advances, innovations, inventions and culture; they function as a platform for global exchange and dialogue that takes place every 5 years with an extension of 3 months.

San Carlos de Bariloche competes with Malaga (Spain), the State of Minnesota (USA), Phuket (Thailand) and Belgrade (Serbia). All cities had a first test in Paris and the final decision will be made by the 170 BIE countries in June 2023.

VReadyNow was the official developer of the preliminary version of the metaverse for Expo 2027 – Bariloche.

This metaverse was conceived to expand the reach of the event exponentially, both in the number of visitors and in the value of the experience. It will be available to carry out activities, connect with other people from anywhere in the world and visit the exhibits from all countries in an interactive and immersive way.

As we have highlighted above; the virtual world and all known digital social interactions (social media, education, gaming, commerce, etc.) will have a new level of realism and emotional impact, creating a new form of deeper and more human interaction.
Undoubtedly, this modality will affect all human activity in the next decade and this was contemplated at Expo 2027 – Bariloche, which will be the cradle of advances in science, technology and culture worldwide.

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