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Forensic Solutions

Imagine, as a forensic expert, that you had the possibility of witnessing the crime you are investigating, in real time, right there in the crime scene.

Imagine, as an investigator, that you could recreate and validate various hypotheses, scenarios or players without missing any true data captured on the scene by the forensic equipment,  and supported at the same time by online lab reports.

Imagine being able to freeze any instance, moving through space and/or time within the crime scene, changing the vantage point, seeing what a person says he or she has witnessed, putting yourself in the victim’s or the accused shoes, and being able to identify and trace the trajectory of a projectile or verify the actions of a key player, all of this as if you were present on the crime scene.

VCSI® (Virtual Crime Scene Investigation)

VCSI® (Virtual Crime Scene Investigation) is our Virtual Reality solution especially developed for forensic professionals and investigators, which eliminates second guessing, and instead incorporates the most advanced Virtual Reality technology into the criminal investigation world.

Our process captures the crime scene by applying the most advanced 3D scanning and 360° photography. It models the players’ performance in a fully realistic manner by using movement capture tools, MoCap, and sophisticated 3D characters that reproduce the potential activities of the crime perpetrator(s) and witnesses.

Building on these core elements, within our Forensic Virtual Environment, the investigator is able to create multiple working hypotheses, based on the results of the rest of the forensic elements currently being used. With full range of movement, the investigator can walk through the scene, stop to examine something in detail, delve into something crucial, “rewind” and “fast forward”, change the vantage point, add elements, and replace or compare theories.

Additionally, ballistic, lab and autopsy reports are available online to assist the investigator in pursuing a theory, while he or she may access any data online that is relevant to the investigation without leaving the virtual environment.

The power of these tools is enhanced by submerging the investigator in a virtual environment that simulates the time and space of the crime to be analyzed.

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