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Educational Solutions

VReadyNow writes, produces, generates and integrates content and technologies with the purpose of providing Virtual Reality solutions for Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

With Virtual Reality you will easily capture and maintain your students’ attention through immersion in virtual worlds according to the various learning phases, which may assist in their learning process, regardless of the subject or course.

“Immersion” refers to the sensorial perception that allows us to fully interact in an artificial environment, by using our senses of touch, sound and sight and special devices connected to a computer.

Why is Virtual Reality Redefining Education?

Virtual Reality promotes social integration and classroom interaction.

Virtual Reality erases real-world impossibility.

Game-based VR experiences increase students’ motivation.

Virtual Reality provides a new method to reward students.

Virtual Reality platforms encourage creative learning.

Virtual Reality empowers teachers and inspires students.

Increasing Students’ Social Integration


Students who find it difficult to assimilate with the class can gain acceptance among their classmates through their technical skills. This in turn strengthens their self-esteem and confidence in subjects, including math and science, so that they ultimately become the “tech experts” in their respective groups.

VR technology easily adapts to the diverse styles or needs of students while creating teamwork opportunities and peer-to-peer learning.


Erasing real-world impossibility with Virtual Reality


The constructionist, game-based learning method has shown that learning can happen most effectively when kids are active in “making” or “personifying”. The privilege of “living” the experience transcends the task of reading about it.

The ability to introduce hands-on knowledge in the classroom without actually leaving the physical space creates an invaluable learning tool.

Laboratorio de Robótica en Realidad Virtual

It increases students’ motivation


Motivation and engagement are fundamental to the game-based learning methodology, and Virtual Reality takes it to the next level.

We all know that children (millennials) are less likely to be amazed and surprised than adults are. This makes it more difficult to maintain their attention. The experience of engagement in a VR learning game is enriched through the following factors:

The participant is fully immersed in the game world, within a true context for learning activities that are spontaneous, free and seemingly undirected (i.e., ludic) in their responses.

This virtual game levels the playing field for everyone, regardless of height, age, gender or race. Nothing prevents a participant from being accepted into the group. Action, as initiative, becomes the only standard of assessment.

It Rewards Students


The testing of students’ academic performance has been a consistent concern throughout the learning process. Success is acknowledged in the virtual ludic learning model. Achievement is rewarded, while mistakes are generally ignored.

This type of reward positively engages the student. It immediately gets the learner “hooked” on the experience, so that he or she wants to know more and is rewarded for doing so. The reward is also emotional, as it has a positive impact on the student’s sense of well-being.

The rewards also encourage teamwork and the appreciation of contributed skills. Thus, there’s a sense of belonging to the group–a way to fit in–and the awareness that even very challenging goals can be achieved. The benefits are clear, even at an early age.

It Empowers and Inspires


VR technology materializes the world of imagination as it erases traditional barriers to learning. Each participant may freely express his or her interest without being restricted by prior conditions: a child builds a bridge, another creates characters, another child paints the city or decides to be the veterinarian in a virtual zoo.

Teacher engagement with digital content generators is crucial, but it’s also essential to monitor students’ performance in the virtual world. We will then see the emergence of our innate skills as well as our shortcomings, and consequently we can create educational programs that meet the individual needs of every student.

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