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zSpace® Applications

ZSpace® applications contain standard materials for activities and support in classroom.

zSpace® Studio Your one-stop shop for exploration. Thousands of models from many subject areas allow for student-led discovery. Pre-made activities using many of the models are available in Spanish, Simplified Chinese and English.

zSpace® Activity Builder allows the teacher to create their own activities, including specific questions and tasks for students to develop during class.

The zSpace® Learning Experience

“Inspiring curiosity in learning”

Human Anatomy Atlas

By Visible Body is an award-winning human anatomy general reference. Students can explore human body systems, over 4,600 anatomical structures, and more!

zSpace® Newton’s Park

Allows students to run or create their own experiments to deepen their knowledge of Newtonian Mechanics. Students can build simulations while interacting with data.

VIVED Science

Is a comprehensive package of detailed interactive dissection experiences focused on learning and exploring Human Anatomy, Botany, Zoology, Earth Science, Microbiology, and more!

Leopoly 3D

Introduces students to the world of 3D creation by helping them create, customize, and prepare digital objects for 3D printing

zSpace® Franklin’s Lab

Guides students through electricity concepts and troubleshooting faulty circuits. Students can follow guided activities and repair broken switches and motors in Workbench mode.

zSpace® Euclid’s Shapes

Offers activities with math manipulatives and provides teachers with a guide to math learning. Students learn with Base-10 blocks, Square Tiles, Fraction Bars, and more!


Allows students to better engage in math concepts related to three-dimensional topics. Students can explore functions, geometry, algebra, calculus, and 3D math.

zSpace® Curie’s Elements

Allows students to explore a periodic table with Bohr and atomic models for each element. Students can also build elements by adding protons, neutrons, and electrons

zSpace® zView

zView allows you to project what is seen on your zSpace® screen to a projector or secondary monitor. Choose from a simple screen share or an augmented reality presentation of what you are doing live on your zSpace. In order to use zView in augmented reality mode, you will need a web cam connected to your zSpace.

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