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Education with zSpace®

VReadyNow designs, produces, generates and integrates content and technologies to provide Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions applied to primary, secondary and university education.

Technology is one of the teaching tools and we work with pedagogues to insert it in the curricula.

As exclusive representatives of zSpace®, we specialize in locating and generating specific content for Latin American curricula.

The zSpace® Learning Lab

“Inspiring Curiosity in Learning”


zSpace® all-in-one computers and laptops with AR and VR capabilities


A suite of learning apps built for zSpace®.

Educational Content

Hundreds of learning activities and teaching resources

zSpace® in the Classroom

Creating engagement through exploration and experiential learning in a student-centered environment defines the zSpace® learning experience.

zSpace® allows students to interact with virtual objects in a virtual environment.

Our mobile solution can be configured for classrooms, labs, media centers and makerspaces – and may be stored and transported by a charging cart.

zSpace® encourages students to investigate, take risks, solve problems and apply their learning while building confidence and expanding their interest in Science and Technology and associated STEM careers.

Ready to Transform your School?

We understand that every school has a different setup, and that every classroom has different needs. VreadyNow will work with you to customize a zSpace® classroom, lab, media center or makerspace that fits the learning needs of your teachers and students.

zSpace® is a trademark of zSpace, Inc.

Contact us to learn more about our Education Solutions such as:

Museums, Historical Sites, Cities, etc.

Recreation of Historical Events.

Biology, Anatomy, Physics, Robotics, etc.

Our solutions include software, hardware, teacher training and technical and functional support

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