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Dream Machine®

Dream Machine®   is a high tech laboratory, that is a stationary or portable VR space, in which users simulate moving, fully immersed, into places, situations and/or times, whether real or imaginary, with full movement of range and interaction with the environment.

In the Virtual World, within Dream Machine®  you can:

  • Experience realistic scenarios:

    • Real or imaginary.
    • In the present, past or future.
  • Move freely.

  • Move beyond the actual physical space.

  • Interact with the environment.

  • Interact with other participants.

  • Share the event with third parties.

Uses of the Dream Machine®include:

  • Interactive and immersive museum and art rooms.

  • Interactive marketing.

  • Virtual Zoos.

  • Historic event reconstruction.

  • Virtual travel to places for cultural or recreational purposes.

  • Immersive and interactive group games.

  • Virtual construction and design workshops.

  • Visualization and interaction with buildings, machinery and virtual products.

  • Advanced training (operating room, military, etc.)

  • Role playing training.

Industry Solutions

Dream Machine® Features

  • 100% customizable scenarios: theme, duration, number of players, use of props, audience, etc.

  • Up to 15 simultaneous participants.

  • Plenty of safe “digital props” available to improve the immersive experience (lanterns, swords, guns, maps, tools, etc.).

  • Interaction with staff members (playing as virtual characters) on live simulated scenarios.

  • Streaming & recording capabilities: let your visitors share their experience inside the virtual world.

  • Easy to mount (permanent or temporary setup).

  • Light, safe and comfortable user equipment.

  • Easily replicable in any available space or any location.

  • Reconfigurable and adaptable to space restrictions.

  • Only utilizes a small area (from 270 sq. ft. up to 400 sq. ft.).

  • Low energy consumption.

  • No maintenance. special technical support or training required.

Dream Machine®: Implementation.

  • We develop the scenario, characters and scripts.

  • We provide and install all the hardware and software.

  • We create props, as needed.

  • We conduct full testing of the system until it’s ready for production.

  • We provide training, maintenance and continued system support.

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