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Digital Twins

The link between real world and metaverse

The metaverse  can be anything you imagine, from virtual worlds with floating cities and wild characters to past battlefields or future galaxy exploration. 
But when you need to interact with existing, real systems, the digital twin is the bridge between the real world and the virtual one

What is a Digital Twin?

“A digital twin is a virtual  representation of real-world entities and processes, synchronized at a specified frequency and fidelity.  Digital Twin Systems transform business by accelerating holistic understanding, optimal decision-making, and effective action.(*)”.  ​​As its optimum, any information that could be obtained by  inspecting a physical object can be obtained from its Digital Twin.  

How does a Digital Twin work?

Digital Twins use real-time and historical data to represent the past and present and simulate predicted futures. Digital Twins are motivated by outcomes, tailored to use cases, powered by integration, built on data, guided by domain knowledge, and implemented in IT / OT systems.






Why do you need a Digital Twin?

Digital Twins provide the means to transform any asset lifecycle. As the digital replica is enriched with operational building data, it becomes possible to predict system behavior, including failures before they happen, perform “what-If” simulations, and provide rich insights into the operation and utilization of the built asset. The knowledge accumulated can be used to plan future projects and improve design decisions for better ROI.  

VReadyNow is a leader in the creation of Digital Twins based on 3D, XR enabled dynamic virtual environments and simulation applications for decision-support, training and operations optimization. 

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