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COVID-19 | Solutions

Health Protocols

We propose to implement several health care protocols for COVID-19  by using VReadyNow’s SmartWorkAR® platform.

Our Value Proposition

  • Immediate implementation of healthcare protocols around COVID-19.

  • Evidence of compliance with healthcare protocols and record keeping.

  • Online compliance tracking for each plant/site via web site reviewing.

  • Ability to generate information for further analysis and decision making.

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Calculation and Traceability of Suspended Particles in the Air

Social distancing is essential to stay free from potential damaging particles (pathogens) suspended in the air, but what might look like the proper distance is not always the best strategy in enclosed spaces.

  • CFD – Computation Fluid Analysis 
  • A versatile tool to determine the behavior of fluids and its variables in a given closed environments under different operating conditions.

  • Understanding of the system behavior and its variables improves the ability for better technical decisions regarding maximum occupancy in spaces, potential work risks and improvement of air quality

An HVAC discharge may have been designed to generate the best energy utilization or comfort within a room, but probably its design may not be ideal for the best circulation path of injected air or to avoid the dispersion of harmful particles in an given environment.

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Social distancing is the most appropriate method for reducing the spread harmful particles in a enclosed space, but knowing the behavior of a fluid in such enclosed space is an essential tool for decision-making and strategies validation to reduce exposure risks.

Advanced Crowd Simulation

VReadyNow offers MassMotion®, a leading pedestrian simulation and analysis solution, capable of predicting how hundreds of thousands of individuals will act in a matter of hours, reducing simulation time as it has never been done before.

MassMotion® an academic research – based software, is supported by observed crowd behavior and has been accepted as a worldwide leader in its segment.

Our goal is to model, communicate and solve complex pedestrian flows related problems in a virtual and user-friendly manner.

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