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Advanced Crowd Simulation

VReadyNow offers MassMotion®, a leading pedestrian simulation and analysis solution, capable of predicting how hundreds of thousands of individuals will act in a matter of hours, reducing simulation time as it has never been done before.

MassMotion® an academic research – based software, is supported by observed crowd behavior and has been accepted as a worldwide leader in its segment.

As the exclusive and authorized regional distributor of MassMotion®, VReadyNow also sells, leases, and provides training and technical support services in Latin America.

Our goal is to model, communicate and solve complex pedestrian flows related problems in a virtual and user-friendly manner.

Our highly scalable service allows to display crowd simulations in complex scenarios, which other methods have failed to detect. By applying 3D mass simulation capabilities, we are able to develop specific analysis based on spatial, temporal, operating and personal features, in relation to each crowd and in any environment.

Proximity Modelling with MassMotion

Oasys MassMotion has added functionality that will help users respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

These new proximity analysis tools will give clients the insights they need to understand scenarios for operating sites or structures in a ‘new normal’ situation as lockdown requirements are relaxed.

Functionality includes:

  • A new proximity analysis tool that allows users to assess a MassMotion model and report on all agents that move within a set distance (e.g. allows analysis of all agents within 2m of each other)

  • New analyses to measure and map the durations and interactions of people within a set distance

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How do you benefit from Crowd Simulation?

Whether you are a designer, an architect, an operator or the owner of a High Occupancy Facility (HOF), our leading technology provides you with clear information about crowding, usage patterns and occupant safety in a facility. This predictive power enables positive decisions to be made early in the design process with minimum cost and disruption.

Even in the high occupancy cases already in use, advanced simulation enables verification of prior design theories, as well as entry and exit models, evacuation plans or the impact of redistributing flow patterns based on maintenance, repair or remodeling processes.


Once the simulation is complete, you can use the analysis tool to examine how long it took people to get from one point to another, the flow rates for doors, stairs, elevators and escalators, and the comfort rating in different parts of the model and at various times.

How can you benefit from these simulations?

Private companies and government agencies across the globe use MassMotion®to simulate pedestrian traffic operations, including:

  • Internal movement, entry and exit from exhibition halls, special events and arenas.

  • Space development planning, district delimitation, analysis of large urban areas and open spaces.

  • Areas with medium to large concentration of people: shopping malls, theatres, cinemas, schools, fairs, etc.

  • Evacuation planning in regard to tunnels, medical facilities, office towers, arenas, etc., evacuating multiple floors by stairs.

  • Airport, train and bus terminals with high density of people and scheduled activities, diverting traffic to decongest surrounding areas.

Increase your revenue by optimizing your promotional ads.


MassMotion® also calculates the number of “views” a particular spot will receive, based on the routes and access paths pedestrians will use more frequently.

You can now sort out and choose your marketing or promotional visual aids based on a proven effective automated tool.

By modeling alternative routes in shopping malls (for instance, by using partition or traffic diversion panels, in specific commercial events, such as Mother’s/Father’s Day, Big Sales Days) advertisers are able to implement high performance, rapidly configurable alternatives, through better analysis and decision making.

What do you need for your first simulation?

No BIM (3D) model of the asset is required; however, if you do have it in place, the process is straightforward and very simple. MassMotion® accepts AEC industry standard complaint building models, such as Autodesk RevitAutodesk AutoCAD or IFC files.

In those cases in which the 3D model is not available, VReadyNow and its network of certified partners offer 3D modeling services based on Reality Capture techniques, with as many or as few details as you desire, whether for simulation or future applications requiring a BIM model of your building.

As the exclusive and authorized regional distributor of MassMotion®, VReadyNow also sells, leases, and provides training and technical support services in Latin America.

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